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Local First Utah

Spring and Summer are a great time to add local to your calender. You can walk around town at lunch, find a new place to eat… visit local shops for the next birthday present you need to buy and hit the farmer’s market for dinner ideas. Salt lake is getting to where the year around market for fresh is more obtainable… but buying local is more than that. Buying local is thinking out of the big box, so to speak. Most cities have a BUY LOCAL website that can be a great guide to making weekly or monthly adjustments in your spending habits that ultimately have a positive effect on not just your local economy, but in your perspective that may have been making excuses all these years as to how simple or difficult buying local is. Plus you can find fun and unique ideas that are waayyyy more fun than a gift card. On top of that, it is a great way to meet your neighbors, they get to meet you and it’s a fantastic way to find even more cool places to visit and exchange ideas.

Make a point of getting out and interacting with the locals, no matter how small, the impact is big.

Enjoy your summer

The link above is for Utah’s buy local scene. Hope to see you around!

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