Need a diet that actually works?

Sometimes we work so hard trying everything under the sun to find a diet that helps weight loss and get the body in shape. The problem with “diets” is that it leads us to believe we don’t already have one. What you eat, what you put in your body is your diet. Accept that. Embrace that and start there.

This is a big subject that, as a nutritionist, is an ongoing conversation with my clients. It is the biggest hurdle for some. It’s one I will continue to touch on in the future.

For now, let me tell you something about the body that, unless you study physiology, biology, chemistry and nutrition , it’s hard to wrap your head around. The brain is a control center for absolutely EVERYTHING that happens in the body, from the timing of cellular regeneration …and DNA splitting, the small intestine and colon action required to break down food into molecular energy, to muscles contracting and extending, grabbing youre coffee cup …and magically making it to your lips without a misstep (or with one for that matter) …and the fact that you don’t tip over when you walk.

This control center is also the same system that chemically makes you feel stress, anger, disappointment, sadness, as well as joy, happiness, contentment, understanding.

The brain connects ALL the dots. And without getting into advanced chemistry, it boils down to the fact that the brain can be trained to chemically alter the bodies response to feelings as well as alter the feelings to a physical, mental and external stimuli. Basically, the body can change things in the brain and so can your emotions. And what you allow into the body and your heart, effect the way the mind and body react to chemicals produced.

My clients have had a harder time wrapping their head around this elimination diet than any other information out there. They can understand that Keto isn’t for anyone or the grapefruit diet might not work for them, but accepting that emotions can effect digestion, fat storage, liver and kidney functions is a mind blower, so to speak.

In short, it’s time to train the brain, train the heart, train the body by approaching health with an open mind. Evolve your perspective by learning about the body, the systems, their needs and truly embrace the fact that until you get the inside right, the outside cannot be what it’s meant to be. Start the journey, start the journey towards understanding, kindness and love. And I highly recommend starting it within yourself.

You could also join me in Folsom this August, that’s a great place to start! Join me and let’s begin this journey together! I would so love to be apart of your health and happiness!

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