Open heart hikes with CReffects are being scheduled for spring! Wahoo!


Join us on our open heart adventures this spring and summer in Northern California and the Salt lake areas for free guided hikes.

What a riot this year’s going to be!

Note: sometimes hikes will have wheels or boards involved, I will always mention any details about possible required tools or accessories.

Hikes will usually have a treasure hunt of sorts, and we usually break out into yoga at random and not so random times. Don’t ever feel like you are not invited if you don’t partake in other exercises and such.

Worst case scenario : you end up in a beautiful place with beautiful people hiking….

If you have an ideal hike or trail you would like to share, let us know, maybe we plan together to share a place you love !

Check out upcoming events page for announcements of hiking/ outdoor events with CReffects…

Hikes will also be posted on meetup.

We usually visit a local restaurant/ brewery afterward, this is not included in hike, but please, always feel free to join us. The more the merrier! Locations for libations will be posted with hike details at least 1 week before hike.

A lucky hiker will be awarded a free tshirt at each hike! Sweet!

Welcome to Open heart hikes….

See you soon!

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