Well, look who finally got in front of a camera….on Heart to Mind podcast.

Well, I got over the uncomfortable idea of being on camera. I got over the uncomfortable idea of explaining what it is I do.

In this interview, I was able to touch on a few subjects that may help you understand what it is I do. I was really thinking of canceling because I’ve been incredibly ill. I didn’t want to be the sick health and wellness expert on camera. But, I don’t get sick. Well, not often anyway, and when I have, it’s been years, I try to ignore it and it has wrecked havoc. But this time, I took care of myself just the way I inspire others to do. My advice is sound, why I think I still need to take care of others during this time is a silly notion. Im not invincible, just human, trying to be kind to my body and give it the rest it needs so that I can be 100% of what I am and can be every other week. This flu thing? It’s for the birds…(pun intended)

Check it out, let me know what you think..

Heart to Mind CR interview and introduction on BeLive

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