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Monday, August 20th when Folsom Lake Retreat began, even I didn’t fully grasp the wonders that were to unfold in one weeks time. Although it was my goal to facilitate the unleashing of open hearts, the evolution that occurred was raw and of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse to move our growth in a direction that fits our souls.

The experience of watching and assisting the awakening of souls is humbling yet powerful. It’s moving back and forth between patience and impatience, it’s the reflection and introspection that allowed for an intense place of healing. It’s letting go of expectations and beginning to see small details in the world around us. It was traversing the actions necessary to fit YOU into your own life. It was about trusting the work, experiencing effortless joyand not being dependent on the outcome. This action alone allows for movement forward.

It was nothing short of magical moments between letting go and holding on to the things we have inside of us to create a beautiful existence in what might be considered an ugly world. It’s discovering that the world isn’t always ugly, there are beautiful souls everywhere waiting to connect. And so we did.

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