“Are you ready to meet yourself with an Open Heart?” Findaway has come and gone but the memories are forever. The growth was sacred, supportive and transformative. The friendships built have a foundation of honesty and raw emotion that can sustain for a life time. Thanks to all those that enriched the life of those around them and for the hard and dedicated work that was completed whole heartedly. It was surely epic and beyond beautiful! It’s Difficult to describe the activities for the retreats as they may vary. You can read about past retreats in the blog and follow the excitement. What I describe  is what you take away. You take with you new friends, connections, knowledge about your body, nutrition, paths of discovery and your soul. You take away sacred, supportive and transformative humility and acceptance of yourself and others. You take away a lighter feel. You experience open heartedness in a whole new way.  It’s magical, you take that with you too. See you at the next Findaway! In La Kesh, em>Nikki

Upcoming Findaways in California


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