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Cognizant Reconstruction has sprung from a seed of awareness. We have been drawn to a positive place to help others plant and nurture their own seed of awareness of the whole self. This starts with the reconstruction of the body and all that it encompasses. Find the best tools for your reconstruction. Findaway retreats, local workshops, collectives, video, personal sessions, online classes, Open Heart hikes will help you find your way to what you want in life. We will bring each client to the required place of responsibility of ones own health, wellness and effortless joy.


Amazing accommodations provide a sacred, supportive and transformative environment for yoga, workshops, outdoor activities combined with delectable eats with a personal chef and community activities to expand consciousness.

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What happens when local businesses join up with the community to create a connection and discover the effects of cognizant reconstruction? The world changes organically and the simplicity of living becomes wholesome and happy. How sweet it is.



Find out what is going through the crazy Gingers mind at random moments in life when it comes together and gets my fingers tapping the keyboard.

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Cognizant Reconstruction, Principles of alignment, Open to Grace, Open Heart, Open Heart Hikes, Healing the unconscious, Chakra work and healing, Nutrition and happy eating, Self Discovery, Overcoming fear and building confidence and more…

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Find links to wonderful stories, my favorite stuff and people, local businesses you need to visit and other random cool stuff. This photo belongs to Vikki Reed @chakramandalas



Probably the best place to find out what you take away with Cognizant Reconstruction.

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